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          Our mission is simple: As the US distributors of Migra Cap, it is our mission to provide the best products and service to our migraine headache customers at the lowest prices possible.

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Here are what some of our migraine headache customers have to say:


" I am a nurse. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a rare brain condition which required surgery. Even though surgery was a success I suffer from chronic migraines and neck pain. I have experimented with many forms of ice packs and ice hats. The MigraCap is the Best!!!. You can move the hat around to adjust to where you need the most relief.  I prefer the black hat so that I can wear it in public if necessary and no one stares at me. The first one I purchased was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy and when I started to have migraines again I did not give it a second thought to which product I would choose.  Thank you Thank you Thank you"  Meg S, New Jersey

" For years I've said, "If I could just stick my head in a bucket of ice, I would feel better." The Migra Cap was my answer!! I've suffered migraines since I was a pre-teen. Then about 3 years ago, I had 2 nerves damaged and now endure occipital nerve headaches that make migraines a walk in the park. Its the right amount of pressure combined with the cold. That it comes down onto my neck is perfect. I tell everyone about my Migra Cap and the relief it gives me. For fun, I added false eyelashes to my purple cap."  Rene E, KY

" I was shocked at how much this helped. I am the moderator of a migraine headache support group. I recommended it to everyone in there. You should be getting several orders from Michigan in the very near future."    Sarah G, Michigan


" Only a migraine sufferer would appreciate the relief your product provides. What a great idea. I will be sure to get a second cap to leave in the freezer as a backup. Thanks so much." Christine D, New York


" I stumbled on your product by accident. What a God sent it has been. My migraines render me helpless for hours and sometimes days. I have tried almost everything there is out there. A one of a kind in headache remedies. No pills, no drugs, no side effects. Thank you."  Michael J, Tennesse


" Will there be a cure for migraines someday? What is the cause of headaches?I don't know. But there certainly is relief. I even used it all through my pregnancy with all my whacky hormones acting up. My teenage son now uses it as well when he hurt himself playing football"   Josephine V, Pennsylvania


" During the past 5 years I have been cursed with chronic migraine headaches that at times last up to 4 or more days. My freezer is home to at least 6 ice packs that I rotate during these episodes. The Migracap fits comfortably and covers the eyes completely eliminating any light source, which migraine sufferers know is important. There are cold therapy pads strategically placed in the forehead, temples, back of head and neck that give simultaneous relief.I felt compelled enough to order my second Cap and write my first ever testimonial or review. Thanks Migracap!  Trish R, Missisippi


" Migracap is a great tool in the arsenal against migraines.  I have used it very effectively to help ease the pain, along with medication.  It often allows the pain to abate long enough for me to fall asleep and allow the medication to take effect.  First testimonial I have ever written!"    Maria, Albany New York


" I now have two of your caps and have recommended it to several people.  Along with ordering two for my daughter and granddaughter (who is only 6 years old) because they both get migraines.  I ordered an additional one for my friend who also suffers from severe migraines and is pregnant so her options are limited. ......they are amazing.

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our BREATH AWAY."  Jami J, Laguna Woods, CA


" After trying everything and anything for migraine relief the Migra Cap has been the most effective solution to ease the pain of migraines. As someone who has suffered from migraines for over 15 years the Migra Cap has been a life changing product." Brittany B, Greenville, NC



   " I really appreciate it! I am passing your cards around and letting all of my migraine suffering family & friends know where to get a Migra Cap. It worked so well that I only had an hour of downtime which is truly remarkable. I usually end up spending at least half the day in bed with the shades closed.                   Thanks again!"   Sheila T, Coventry, RI




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