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Welcome to the future of migraine headaches treatments: Migra-Cap a unique headache remedy for migraine headaches and sports injury sufferers also offering pain relief during pregnancy .

Developed by a Migraine sufferer for Migraine sufferers. The Migra Cap combines cold therapy and complete darkness to provide relief from pain associated with a migraine and most causes of headaches. The cap with its specially formulated cold therapy gel packs targets gentle, soothing pressure to the strategic areas of the head affected by migraines.




This migraine headaches cure is one of the most innovative migraine headache remedies on the market - offering migraine headaches relief, soothing sports injuries and concussions also providing relief during pregnancy & menopause, nausea, stress and bouts of fever. No matter what the cause of headaches, the Migra Cap alleviates the discomfort that migraine headaches bring on. 



An instant favorite in the European markets. Featured and recommended by Dr. Chris Steele, resident doctor on ITV's "This Morning", Britain's top-rated daytime show. Also voted "Product of the Week" by Womans Own Magazine.

In the US, we now come recommended by doctors at "The Mayo Clinic" and several Pain clinics

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